About us

Integritas is a Finnish social and health care company founded in 2012.

The clients of Integritas are public sector health and social services providers. We offer software solutions for resource management to support the continued development of our clients’ service production.

Our core competence lies in mental health and substance abuse services as well as social and family services. 

Our advanced PIRKKO® and PERHEPIRKKO® software solutions help our clients improve the quality and effectiveness of health and social services. Through our pool of experienced experts, we can also offer our clients support for reforming their operations.

The business concept of Integritas stems from the passionate desire of the founders ─ Kalle Horjamo, Veijo Nevalainen, and Jyrki Korkeila – to reform psychosocial services in Finland to conform to the latest research data.

PIRKKO® product family

The demand for mental health, substance abuse, and family services has long been rising strongly. At the same time, treatment and service periods have had the tendency of becoming prolonged. This situation ties up the resources of professionals and makes it challenging to provide the intensive care required during the acute phase.

There is also a growing need in the health and social services sector for the systematic collection of results and experiences from psychosocial services, as well as the development of activities based on these results and experiences.    

Solutos hopes to support our clients in overcoming these challenges, and to do so, it has developed the PIRKKO® product family, comprising:

  • The PIRKKO® resource management system, which supports mental health professionals by boosting the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of their work
  • The PERHEPIRKKO® resource management system, a digital aid and tool for systemically working child welfare and social work professionals. 

Our resource management solutions allow our clients to execute their service production more systematically, more fairly, and by engaging the public more effectively.

Up-to-date situational data improves the smooth flow of services and helps to deal with any exceptional situations more effectively. 

The transparency of service paths gives professionals a chance to develop them collectively. For the public, this means faster recovery and better skills for coping in life.

Integritas Oy in a nutshell

  • Established in 2012 (as Solutos, name of the company was changed in 2022)
  • Clients are public sector health and social services providers
  • PIRKKO® and PERHEPIRKKO® software solutions, provided as cloud services
  • Software services are programmed by the skilled employees of a partner company
  • PIRKKO® was registered for a CE mark in compliance with the MDD requirements in May 2020, MDR Class IIa is the goal in 2021
  • Our sphere of operation is Finland as a whole