What do our customers have to say about us?

”I appreciate the fact that the best psychiatric care practices have been integrated into the PIRKKO® system in addition to general enterprise resource planning. We were impressed by the entire package, as a similar solution was unavailable elsewhere.”

CMO and Division Director for Psychosocial Services Heli Peltola, PHHYKY

”Previously, we had approximately 1,600 clients in adult psychiatry and today the number is 970. The smaller number of patients is a result of changes in how Soite’s employees work and the support provided by the PIRKKO® system. It is now easier to monitor what our psychiatric employees actually do, how intensely they work and what the quality of the care is, i.e. whether the Current Care Guidelines are followed.”

Head Nurse Markus Heikell, Soite

”With the PIRKKO® resource management system, we can purposefully direct patient work during the active phase of treatment towards proven therapeutic methods and their frequent, goal-oriented use, instead of just catching up every month.”

CMO Jarkko Heino, Soite

“The technical PERHEPIRKKO® application can serve as a way to try to demonstrate the impact of the systemic approach. This is a significant development project that sparks interest on a national scale due to its novelty value.”

Head of Family Services Elise Lepistö, JIK-peruspalveluliikelaitoskuntayhtymä