Perhepirkko training to support your organization

“The subject of high-quality services is not the individual employee but the entire organization.”

Eileen Munro

Perhepirkko training for management 

High-quality and effective work in child welfare, family social work and more widely in the child and family services is tied to the operating environment.

Solutos supports the management of family and social services to reinforce a coordinated, systemic approach and develop the organization into an operating environment that can handle demanding client work. 

The Perhepirkko digital support tool can be utilized to its fullest extent when the management has specified clear objectives and approaches for its own work. 

The PIRKKO® training consists of workshops where the management considers its management objectives as a group and creates a goal-oriented management framework that supports a systemic approach to work.

Perhepirkko training helps the management to clarify 

  • what is quality in client work and how its realization can be managed
  • what should be expected of collaboration with other parties and how this collaboration can be managed 
  • what is at the heart of work management and occupational wellbeing in the social services and how this can be managed 
  • how the systemic development of their organization can reduce unnecessary costs.

Perhepirkko training for teams and employees  

Although Perhepirkko has been designed to support a relationship-based systemic approach, it cannot replace the human element! 

A competent employee with solid communication skills, proficiency that is built and reinforced through experience, a safe team and an encouraging supervisor are still the key assets of quality work. 

Perhepirkko guides you to take an appreciative approach to your work, adopt a ‘seeking permission’ stance and ensure the inclusion of clients. During the training, we explain the relationship-based philosophy and principles behind the Perhepirkko digital support tool to the teams.

Together with the teams, we examine

  • what the ‘seeking permission’ stance means for the team and in the work supported by Perhepirkko 
  • what the use of functionalities on the terms of the child and their immediate family means in client work 
  • how the software is used flexibly and in a customized manner 
  • what the various functionalities of the software are, how they are used and how they link to each other 
  • how the software supports direct client work
  • how the software supports teamwork
  • how the software supports working with networks.

Perhepirkko implementation training for teams and employees 

PIRKKO® implementation training is the final step of the training process, where participants learn about the technical operation of the Perhepirkko application and its integration with the client record system.

After the implementation training, the instructions for users can be found in the software as videos.

Integritas as a reform partner

The experts of Integritas have solid experience in development and change implementation in the family and social services. 

In addition to the Perhepirkko application and training, we are also happy to support the development of your services in various other ways. Ask for more information about our expert services!

Other services

  • systemic approach training and thematic refresher training courses 
  • dialogic, resource-oriented supervision for management and teams 
  • auditing client processes using a systemic approach 
  • “development sprints” for multiprofessional collaboration in child welfare 
  • support for the planning and implementation of development projects.


Business Director of Social and Family Services Sanna-Tuulia Lehtomäki, p. 050 301 4737,