PIRKKO® software solution 

We possess in-depth knowledge of the Finnish healthcare and social and family services. Members of the Integritas team have worked in healthcare administration, as doctors or nurses in psychiatry, as directors of social services and researchers.

Based on our experience, we know that mental health patients in Finland, among others, receive psychiatric care too infrequently and over an unnecessarily long period of time. 

We want this to change and have created the comprehensive PIRKKO® resource management system. The system is a comprehensive guide and optimizer for care and client plants while saving resources, thus improving the quality and impact of work. The ultimate goal of the system is to improve the recovery and wellbeing of people.

The PIRKKO® system was originally designed for the needs of psychiatry, but it is also ideal for health and social services providers and municipal organizations who provide substance abuse and family and social services.

The PIRKKO® system, the evaluation service of Integritas and the support provided by doctors and change management allows our customers to take all their psychosocial services to the next level.

PIRKKO® is used across the country

Today, PIRKKO® has already been implemented in four locations: in Kokkola by Soite (joint municipal authority for social and health services in the region of Central Ostrobothnia), in Savonlinna by Sosteri (the joint municipal authority for specialized health care of East Savo), in Kotka by Kymsote (joint municipal authority for social and health services in the region of Kymenlaakso) and in Lahti by PHHYKY (joint municipal authority for social and health services in the region of Päijät-Häme).

We are continuously negotiating agreements with new customers, and are pleased to say that PIRKKO® has sparked a lot of interest. After all, it is the only resource management system in the country that is specifically designed for psychosocial services.

We have also launched a PERHEPIRKKO® pilot project with the City of Hämeenlinna. PERHEPIRKKO® will be released for a wider audience in the coming months.

PERHEPIRKKO® is a tool for child welfare work

We have developed the digital PERHEPIRKKO® tool, designed to support what is known as systemic child welfare. 

Systemic child welfare is organized using a specific team structure and it is based on a methodical framework. In recent years, the approach has become increasingly popular in Finland. 

Systemic child welfare aims to eliminate typical child welfare issues, such as the fragmentation and overlapping of services.

Quality for service production

Resource management using the PIRKKO® system enables you to achieve the desired quality, volume and delivery times with optimal resources and, most importantly, while promoting the wellbeing of your clients and professionals.

Resource management allows service providers to steer their production towards:

  • consistent practices (standardization/reduction of fluctuation)
  • fair distribution of work (fair planning and control)
  • up-to-date situational data (deviation management)
  • improvement of patient flow (intensity of care)- elimination of redundant work.