Our story

Integritas was founded by Kalle Horjamo, MSc (Eng), Psychiatrist Veijo Nevalainen and Professor of Psychiatry Jyrki Korkeila in 2012

The business stemmed from the passionate desire of the founders to reform Finnish healthcare, particularly psychiatric outpatient care, to correspond to the latest research data.

Prior to founding Integritas, Horjamo had long been working at Attendo as a Director responsible for recruiting doctors in psychiatry. Due to his strong knowledge of the sector, he understood the need to change the psychiatric care process and improve its quality. 

The members of the Integritas team increased their understanding of the progress and operation of psychiatric outpatient care processes by examining research results and conducting their own research projects on the topic. This made the need for and direction of development more concrete.

Horjamo decided to set up Integritas Oy as an instrument of change, and persuaded Psychiatrist Veijo Nevalainen, who had been working in the public sector for a long time, and his acquaintance, Professor of Psychiatry Jyrki Korkeila, to join him.

Starting out as a medical recruitment agency and software developer

During the first leg of its journey, the Integritas team focused on hiring psychiatrists to provide a purchased service.

From the very beginning, Horjamo and his team have been developing the PIRKKO® software for managing the resources of psychiatric services. Its concrete objective is to support the reform of Finnish healthcare. We have already achieved success with our customers, but our work is by no means done.

Integritas is on a growth trajectory

The new CEO hired in 2019 has been charged with creating suitable conditions for the entire personnel to focus on the quality of the company’s services and their continued development.

In autumn 2019, we began developing the PERHEPIRKKO® software solution for family services. The initial reactions from customers have been highly encouraging.

As the growth of our company has sped up, we have set up the necessary structures for the operations of Integritas. At the same time, we have increased our productization while ensuring scalability.

The company is growing rapidly, and conditions exist for growth in the coming years as well. The company wants to ensure the profitability of its business operations, thus ensuring its readiness to keep pace with various market changes. 

We are continuously hiring new skilled professionals to enable our growth. 

In 2020, our turnover increased by more than 50 percent and our personnel by more than 20 percent. The PIRKKO® and PERHEPIRKKO® software solutions continue to gain a stronger foothold in Finland.

In the coming years, we plan to ensure controlled growth first in Finland, and later on in other Nordic countries.



Integritas is established (with the name Solutos) and begins to provide psychiatric services as a purchased service


Development of the family-based care optimizer PKO begins


A PKO pilot is conducted at the Sarvis psychiatric unit in Tampere


The PKO system is implemented in Soite


Use of the PIRKKO® system is expanded in Soite


PIRKKO® and the ’reform guarantee’ model are implemented in Sosteri


New CEO in the spring


The ’reform guarantee’ model is implemented by Kymsote in Kotka


PIRKKO® is implemented by PHHYKY in Lahti


PERHEPIRKKO® project in Hämeenlinna


Turnover almost doubled


PIRKKO® will be implemented by the City of Oulu


The business of delivering psychiatrist service is sold


The name of the company is changed to Integritas Oy