Hey there, health and social services provider! Why choose Integritas?

Here are some reasons why your organization should choose Integritas as your development partner.

  • We are a reliable, 100% Finnish partner for mental health, social, and family services.
  • We have satisfied clients throughout the country.* 
  • Integritas brings stability to your service provision by providing competent, motivating psychiatrists.
  • One of our owners is Jyrki Korkeila, a distinguished Professor of Psychiatry.
  • As a partner, Integritas is flexible and not too big – in other words agile!
  • We have developed the PIRKKO® system and the ’reform guarantee’ model to reform health and social services.
  • The skilled Integritas team is at your service to support your development efforts.
  • We play our part in ensuring our doctors’ well-being at work and developing their skills.
  • We listen to what our doctors and our clients have to say. 
  • We keep up with the times and are change enablers. Together with the client.

*Customer satisfaction survey 2019

Contact us and take a new direction with Integritas as your partner!

Kalle Horjamo
040 569 2840