We support clinical change

In Finland, mental health patients, among others, receive care too infrequently and over an unnecessarily long period of time.

Similarly, child welfare clients may not receive the best possible care, as the turnover of child welfare employees is high and the field is fragmented and rife with silo mentality, meaning that work processes and information do not flow as smoothly as they could.

We want this to change and have developed the PIRKKO® product family, the first of which is the PIRKKO® resource management system. The system is a comprehensive guide and optimizer for care and client plans while also saving resources.

The PIRKKO® system was originally designed to meet the needs of psychiatry, but it is also ideal for substance abuse, family and social services.

The PIRKKO® system, the evaluation service of Integritas and the support provided by doctors and change management allows our customers to take all their psychosocial services to the next level.

Perhepirkko for child welfare

We are currently developing a digital aid, the PERHEPIRKKO® tool, designed to support what is known as systemic child welfare. 

Both PIRKKO® and PERHEPIRKKO® drive service production towards a more methodical direction and ensure that the care and client work are effective and in line with the Current Care Guidelines – for the benefit of the patient or client.

How can PIRKKO® help health and social services providers?

Resource management using the PIRKKO® system enables you to achieve the desired quality, volume and delivery times with optimal resources and, most importantly, while promoting the wellbeing of your clients and professionals.

Resource management allows service providers to steer their production towards:

  • consistent practices (standardization/reduction of fluctuation)
  • fair distribution of work (fair planning and control)
  • up-to-date situational data (deviation management)
  • improvement of patient flow (intensity of care)
  • elimination of redundant work.

Results through a reform partnership

In social and health care, the smooth production of everyday services is realized as a collaboration between several people and organizations. Therefore, success is the result of good cooperation. The partnership emphasises strong expertise and the ability to commit to common goals.

As a company, Integritas supports the success of its clients. The reform partnership is an operating model, of which main idea is to agree on cooperation through an annual partnership plan.

The step-by-step plan describes and concretizes the goals, responsibilities and obligations related to the cooperation. The reform partnership concept adapts flexibly to clients’ different starting points. We always ensure that the cooperation takes place in accordance with the client’s wishes and expectations.

Integritas offers competent physicians for the reform partnership and support for the reform with the help of the PIRKKO® service production management software service.

The annual plan of the step-by-step reform partnership includes:

Operating environment data collection and analysis (Evaluation phase)

Setting common objectives, designing measures, and deciding on evaluation criteria (Planning phase)

Implementation of projects (Reform phase)

Evaluation and rewarding of results (Evaluation phase)