PERHEPIRKKO supports and facilitates child welfare

“What do you hope for the future of your family?” 

“How else could you approach this?”

“Would you be comfortable with…?”

Systemic child welfare is based on respectful encounters between the employees and the children and their families. These encounters build relationships and trust, which can, at best, generate significant positive changes in the lives of children, adolescents and families. 

The welfare of children and their immediate family depends largely on interpersonal relationships. The background and experiences of the children and their immediate family can also affect their daily lives in various ways. Therefore, it is important to examine these issues together.  

PERHEPIRKKO® is a digital aid and collaboration tool for systemic, relationship-based work.

How does PERHEPIRKKO support the child welfare client?

  The application reinforces

  • acceptance, curious collaborative learning and compassion during encounters  
  • the inclusion of the child and their immediate family and their empowerment as clients 
  • the formation of an understanding concerning the child and the family, together 
  • the discovery of resources and dreams 
  • the joint setting of goals
  • comprehensive, coordinated access to support 
  • the openness and transparency of information formation pertaining to the child and the family.

How does PERHEPIRKKO work as a tool for systemic teams? 

The application helps

  • to start work by becoming familiar with the client and building trust
  • to consider the situation of the child and the family from a future- and resource-oriented perspective
  • to identify family relations and wider networks that are important to the child
  • to organize weekly meetings in a focused, reflective manner 
  • the team to record their work in an agile manner, as structured steps 
  • the team to be aware of other forms of support in their area (interventions)
  • the employee to manage and plan tasks 
  • research-based work and provides the team with the latest phenomenal and procedural knowledge 
  • to request for regular client feedback as part of the job. 

How does PERHEPIRKKO support management?

The application helps

  • to set quality criteria for client work and monitor their fulfilment 
  • to improve the competence of personnel
  • to create coherent approaches within the organization  
  • to create even stronger everyday support structures for work 
  • to monitor both in-house and outsourced work 
  • to compile local service information and present it to the team  
  • employees to manage and plan their tasks 
  • to make the latest phenomenal and procedural knowledge available to the teams  
  • knowledge-based management through digital feedback systems and indicators.  

Before the actual implementation of the software, we can customize the coaching at the client’s request, which serves as the development phase prior to the introduction of Perhepirkko.



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