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We support health and social services providers in change management and development with the help of our PIRKKO® software solution.

We develop mental health, social and family services with a passion.



PERHEPIRKKO® is a digital aid and collaboration tool for systemic child welfare.


PIRKKO® is a resource management system for psychiatry that improves the effectiveness of care.


PIRKKO® software services

We have developed the PIRKKO® software family to support our customers and facilitate change.


Solutos is the first in Finland to offer a reform guarantee

The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference 2019, Helsinki, press release 12.6.2019 Healthcare company Solutos is the first company in…

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With Pirkko, mental health services can be improved using existing resources

Pirkko is the first genuine ERP system for reforming mental health services. When nursing is organised differently with the help…

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It is possible to improve mental health services using existing resources!

Mental health patients in Finland don’t always receive treatment and, if they do, the treatment sometimes continues for a long…

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