Solutos is the first in Finland to offer a reform guarantee

The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference 2019, Helsinki, press release 12.6.2019

Healthcare company Solutos is the first company in Finland to offer a new kind of development service model for public health care. The company calls this model ‘reform guarantee’. This means that, if necessary, Solutos assumes the overall responsibility for the development of the public partner’s operations, and provides it with doctors and other critical employees with a delivery guarantee and result guarantee.

Development and work management in the reform guarantee will be realized through the Solutos PIRKKO® system and with the help of Solutos and public partner’s doctors together. PIRKKO® is the first and, as far as is known, Finland’s only ERP system that is suitable for psychosocial services and helps to take over the entity in a multi-professional manner.

PIRKKO® and the medical team are expected to renew a public healthcare client’s psychiatric or other specialized medical care in accordance with the latest research and the recommendations of Current Care Guidelines. The reform guarantee model can also be seen as a model of partial outsourcing, where also Solutos genuinely assumes responsibility for achieving the agreed results.

“We do not wish for the failure of the social welfare and healthcare reform to lead to total outsourcing on the basis of the vitality of the region, which is inevitably faced with a challenge of discontinuity. Traditionally, outsourced service doctors have not been responsible for development. But when we develop together, continuity is secured and both parties learn”, says the Executive Vice President of Solutos Kalle Horjamo.

With the PIRKKO® system, you can develop quickly, pragmatically and systematically. In practice, PIRKKO® ensures patient by patient that the treatment plans are in order and implemented. Where necessary, content that is required by an effective treatment entity at that particular location is imported or added to the service system.

Reform guarantee with result requirements

At its widest, the reform guarantee implies an in-depth functional integration of all psychosocial services of a Solutos customer – for example, a hospital district or a joint municipal authority. The key to this is the utilization of real-time family-specific plans that are recorded in PIRKKO®, and multi-professional networking, without frustrating data breaks.

The success of the development work can be solved by modelling the use of the services before and after the introduction of the reform guarantee. Solutos is ready to enter into result-bound agreements with municipalities. The result requirement could be the genuine development of the municipal service system as an entity, which in turn has knock-on effects on, for example child protection, for which PIRKKO® is also suitable.

Solutos has already started such a development partnership with the East Savo Healthcare District Joint Municipal Authority (Sosteri) from the beginning of April 2019. In practice, Solutos supplies all of the outpatient doctors in adult psychiatry to Sosteri and assumes full responsibility for the development of operations and the management of clinical work together with Sosteri actors.

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PIRKKO®-presentation by Kalle Horjamo and Matti Kaivosoja at Digital Health Nordic 2019, presenting the results at Soite: